How many different types of magnesium exist

While we can say that Magnesium has many benefits for the healthy functioning of our bodies, we cannot pinpoint the exact biochemical mechanisms that underlie the psychological and physiological effects of this element. The brain is one extremely complex organ, and we’ll have to wait (probably a lot) to become able to solve the riddle called the human brain. Nevertheless, some things we know for certain- Magnesium is good not only for our brains but for the whole body.

Some time ago, physiologists hypothesized that magnesium is an important factor in human stress response. As Mg is an important factor in the processes of signal transduction, membrane stabilization, bioenergetics reactions, metabolic regulation, and others, authors like Classen (1981) concluded that the treatment of stress should be based on the Mg intake.

Magnesium has a part in over 325 enzyme interactions, some of which are important enzymes in our nervous systems (Cuciureanu & Vink, 2011). Probably now you can see why it’s so hard to appropriately delineate all the ways Mg affects the human body.

Why is it important to consume magnesium

Magnesium and Migraines

Some studies have shown that magnesium could be an effective relief for those suffering from mild migraines, especially at night times. Surely, there are and could be multiple causes of migraines and magnesium supplements are not a cure. Definitely, with some serious migraines, you should seek the professional help of your physician. Yet you can ease off your night by taking a slightly higher dose of magnesium (approximately 500 mg) as it was shown in some studies. Better night sleep and better energy the morning after – these are just several outcomes you can strive for and magnesium supplements can help.

Magnesium supplements for kids

There was not any evidence that magnesium is not suitable for kids. Furthermore, magnesium supplements for kids could be essential these days as our nutrition becomes more and more nutrient deficient. Can you imagine all the benefits of a better nervous system, mental health and sleep to help kids grow healthier and more emotionally stable. We will recommend consulting with your pharmacist about high-quality magnesium supplements for kids and read below to see our recommendations as for popular and trusted brands of magnesium you can buy today. You can also visit our Shop, we always have the availability of magnesium supplements for you and your kids.    

Magnesium and Mental Health

A group of Australian and Chinese authors (Cao et al. 2018) concluded that magnesium consumption only lowers the likelihood of daytime falling asleep, in women. Moreover, Mg therapy didn’t affect daytime sleepiness. These conclusions were drawn from a large population-wide study which included 1487 adults. When clinical samples are used (for example, a sample of individuals who suffer from mental illnesses), the beneficial effects of magnesium become more evident. Mg has been shown to alleviate insomnia symptoms in clinical trials. This can simply mean that people with a health condition would have more use from Mg treatment.

Why should people who suffer from health conditions have more magnesium-related benefits? Cuciureanu and Vink mention a study that found chronic depletion of Mg in people who suffer from chronic stress. Most of these people indulge in drug use and other forms of self-damaging behavior. Bad nutrition and alcohol consumption only perpetuate the situation. Yet magnesium can effectively increase melatonin production and by doing so influence positively to your sleep pattern and general mental health well-being.

There were also positive signals from the scientific community that magnesium can help weight management and weight loss, including becoming a beneficial factor in bodybuilding. Though magnesium and bodybuilding is far less researched in comparison to its migraine prevention and calming effects.  


Western diet often doesn’t contain enough Mg.

Average daily Mg intake for women should be around 320 mg per day, and 340 mg for men.

Unfortunately, more than 20% only take one half of the recommended dose, which can result in numerous complications, some of which we’ve mentioned earlier.

Because people’s metabolism and body weight varies, physicians usually mention a range instead of one fixed value regarding recommended average daily consumption- 240mg to 400 mg for women; 260mg to 420 mg for men.

How find the best type of magnesium for yourself

Mg comes in many forms- powder, tablets, chewing gums, tablets, oil spray, etc. In the end, it all comes down to your individual preferences, which is why we won’t focus on these different forms of Mg.

On the other hand, there are many types of magnesium which differ more or less chemically. Roughly speaking, these types differ in the extraction processes and sources. Most of these type have approximately the same effects, but there may be some specific things, which is why we’ll explain these types in more detail:

Magnesium glycinate

Mg glycinate is an “all-arounder”, meaning that it has good bioavailability and a calming effect on the body. This type is especially good for body and muscle relaxation. Glycine amino acid also acts as a relaxant, which, when paired with the benefits of magnesium, deals a “double punch”.

Magnesium citrate

This type is extracted from citric acid (hence the name). This is one of the most popular and “wallet-friendly” Mg types, recommended by physicians all around the world. Besides the usual calming effects on the mind and the body, this supplement will also help with constipation and other bad digestion problems. Note that Mg citrate sometimes leads to increased excretion of water, which may lead to dehydration. Dehydration is linked with acute (and sometimes chronic) deficiency of various minerals, you should pay attention to your level of hydration while you’re using magnesium citrate. According to some sources, this is a variant of Mg has a bioavailability of 90%.

Magnesium chloride

According to some experts, this is perhaps the most popular type of Mg on the market. Usually extracted from brine (or, in some cases, from ocean water). Besides effects which are usually linked with magnesium- body and mind relaxation, muscle health- this supplement also has beneficial effects on bone health. On the other hand, chloride type can hit your stomach a bit harder than you’d expect, and in some cases, it may cause diarrhea.

Magnesium L- threonate

According to some brands, this variant is beneficial, not only in short term aspect but also in the long run. Numerous mental and physical health conditions are linked with the deterioration of short memory, and some studies suggest that consumption of magnesium L-threonate can reverse these effects. Although all forms of Mg improve neurological functioning, not all are claimed to reverse the detrimental effects of chronic health conditions. Aging, which naturally poses serious challenges to healthy brain functioning, may sometimes result in dementia. It seems that we now face a so-called “dementia epidemics” (Santhianthan & Kantipudi, 2018). Dementias are one of the biggest issues in the developed world (Wu et al. 2017). Magnesium L-threonate can attenuate the onset of dementia and perhaps even act as a useful dietary supplement, but we don’t think it can “cure” dementia, whatever brands and manufacturers may state. 

We’ve only mentioned the variants of magnesium that are the most popular and most used in as dietary supplements. As you can see they differ in bioavailability, effects, and price. It’s up to you to weigh the importance of these factors and choose the one type of Mg that suits you the most. Before mentioning some of the most popular brands and products, we’d like to warn you once again that most brands often like to “slightly” exaggerate the beneficial effects of their products. Don’t believe everything you read. Magnesium has many benefits for the body, but it’s just a part of a much bigger picture. As we’ve mentioned in some other texts where we talked about stress, anxiety, and Mg, this supplement should be used with other stress-management techniques. Similarly, if you want to improve your brain’s health, it’s not enough to just take loads of magnesium (besides being inefficient, this kind of use can also be harmful). You should also exercise, eat healthy, and pay attention to your mental health.

Best type of magnesium: popular brands

As we’ve given you important disclaimers, let’s pass on to the description of the most popular brands:

1.     Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil (chloride)

According to the product’s description, Ancient Minerals Oil will improve the state of your joints, hair, nails, muscles, and works well against inflammation. It also has detoxification properties. All this implies that Ancient Minerals Oils is a kind of “peripheral” medicine. Sportsmen and sportswomen will thus find this product the most useful, as their bodies are constantly under pressure. It is water-soluble, so you can dilute it if your diet provides you enough Mg.

It is applied topically, which means that people with skin conditions might find it a bit inconvenient to use. You’ll get 4oz (118ml) for $12.95. Considering that you’ll spray this product on your body, it might be a bit tricky to get the dose right.

2.     KAL Magnesium Glycinate (Non-GMO)

As we’ve mentioned, glycinate has good bioavailability, and this product’s description says that KAL works best for calmness and good muscle functioning. Bad digestion shouldn’t be a problem thanks to ActivTab technology- these tablets have a 30-minute disintegration time, which will save your stomach from unnecessary problems and bad digestion.

KAL is an old brand which makes dietary supplements since 1932, constantly researching and improving their business. For a decent price (23 $) you’ll get a good amount of tablets- 200 in total. You shouldn’t take more than 2 tablets per day.

3.     Spring Valley- Citrate Mg

Unlike the second product (KAL), Spring Valley has a rapid release, which is good for people who want to calm down quickly! The main effect of this product is related to bone and muscle health (one customer noted that it solved her restless legs problem).

Besides having a rapid release mechanism, it’s also highly absorbable- needless to say, this is great and everything, but it might cause bad digestion, so take care.

For 100 capsules (which contain 100mg of Magnesium each), you’ll pay $12.75. The manufacturer states that you shouldn’t take more than 3 capsules per day, but some reviewers found that 1 or 2 capsules do the trick for them. Some customers also stated that this product is extremely good for pregnant women. It’s good for constipation (and inversely, it might cause diarrhea).

4.     MagSRT Malate Supplement

Thanks to slow-release technology, you probably won’t have to worry about diarrhea or other problems with digestion. It is clinically tested, and scientifically proven! Not all magnesium products can boast about being tested and peer-reviewed!

This formula will release Mg over an 8h timespan. Malate form is highly absorbable (85%), which, paired with slow-release formula means that you can consume about 500 mg of magnesium! People who do hard physical work as a part of their routine will find this product the most useful.- these people sweat a lot and lose a lot of Mg in the process. Thanks to MagSRT, they will now be able to replenish all the Mg they lost!

Even though the tablets are easy to swallow, some people may find this unpleasant- and they can dissolve the tablets in water, which his another great feature of this product.

Finally, you’ll get a 90-day, money-back guarantee, which is an icing on the cake, considering that practically all the customers are completely satisfied with their MagSRT.

5.     Natural Magnesium Lotion by Elepure

Another transdermal product on our list. Unlike the first one, Elepure’s product doesn’t need to be sprayed onto the skin. It has about 300mg of Mg per one teaspoon- it is odorless, without artificial colors. According to Elepure, it is one of the most potent products on the market, which isn’t necessarily a good thing, considering that too much magnesium can be bad for you (as we’ll see later in the text).

This product comes in the so-called Tottle (the bottle that can be stored on its top- helping you to squeeze as many Mg as you can).

6.     Life Extension Vegetarian Capsules

We’ve decided to include this product for several reasons- it’s rather one of the most popular Mg-related products on Amazon, and it’s rather cheap- $8.36 for 100 capsules (each containing 500mg of Mg). First of all, its name is very provocative, “Life Extension”, and we’ve talked about this earlier- a lot of companies try to sell their product by exaggerating their products’ qualities. Of course, Mg is very good for your body and all that, but it will hardly extend your life (on its own). Also, the product’s description says “take one capsule one to three times daily” which shouldn’t be recommended for an average consumer.

7.     Natural Calm Magnesium Powder by Natural Vitality

Natural Calm plain powdered magnesium by Natural Vitality is our top recommended magnesium supplement. Millions have experienced stress relief and health benefits from this Anti-Stress drink, including Tim Ferriss who has recommended this brand too. Natural Calm can provide a helpful means of calming your nerves after a day at work, exercise or even school for your young ones. It’s natures way of restoring your mineral balance so you can find your inner calm and enjoy an improved level of health. Natural Calm is a best-selling award-winning ionic magnesium that mixes easily in water to restore health and comfort. It is Gluten-Free, Vegan and Non-GMO. Buy today!

Best Way to Take Magnesium

Dose of magnesium

Taking 400mg of magnesium, as mentioned, should be OK for most people. On the other hand, a lot of physical activity may completely deplete your “Mg storage”, so this would be the moment to step up the pace a bit and get that additional dose of magnesium. Mild physical activity (like a short bicycle ride or a short walk) usually won’t warrant more Mg than you should usually ingest. On the other hand, more intensive training in the gym or longer, more exhausting bike ride will exert you enough so that you’ll need to take more Mg than usual. Finally, people who do extreme sports (marathon, for instance) should always have a lot of magnesium with them, and they sometimes take twice or even trice as much of magnesium when compared with average consumption.

Drink Mg with water

Magnesium will have the best effect when drank with water. There is some complex chemistry going on here, and we are simply not versatile enough in this field (nor do we have enough space) to explain here.

Don’t take too much magnesium

If you’re sitting around the house, doing nothing, in particular, taking 600mg of magnesium is completely unnecessary. What’s more, “overdosing” on magnesium will cause diarrhea, and other stomach problems, so you’d probably want to avoid this part.

Take magnesium with food

This especially pertains to people who have stomach problems even when they take moderate amounts of Mg. These people should avoid taking Mg on an empty stomach.

Take magnesium at nighttime

People who take magnesium for muscle relaxation and its calming effect will find this substance the most effective when taken at night. It will help them fall asleep


Even if you are magnesium-deficient, you don’t necessarily have to take pills, tablets, or apply ointments. Eating certain types of foods can prove to be even more helpful than taking chemical dietary supplements. For example, fruits like avocados, bananas, and raspberries contain a lot of Mg. If you’re not that into fruit, you can eat peas, green beans and brussels sprouts.

Fish contains decent amounts of magnesium- especially tunas, salmons, and mackerels. Finally, everyone’s favorite, chocolate (more specifically, cacao), has high concentrations of magnesium, dark chocolate, and raw cacao especially. It is sometimes difficult to keep track of your magnesium intake and thus you simply cannot go wrong with our favorite Natural Calm magnesium supplement – try it for yourself today