About Peace of Mind School

Peace of Mind School helps entrepreneurs to get enough peace of mind, overcome extreme busyness and stress. Our MAKE framework is designed to empower your business, body and mind.

When your life encounters a very dark cloud that just doesn’t go away, it may be time to say ‘enough is enough’…

We were there ourselves. Busy and demanding career, startup that needs constant attention, but also never ending external circumstances. It can be way too much and definitely not compatible with having a true peace of mind. These dark clouds can stay for
a short while but if you don’t address them they tend to stay for longer. We face countless issues on a daily basis. Though when we focus on these dark clouds and let them run our lives, they trigger a lot of issues with our mental and physical health, screw our relationships, we make poor business decisions and damage our society as a whole. Enough is Enough?

There are countless books and guides on getting things done. Peace of Mind School isn’t really about that. We don’t think that getting more done during your day is going to make you happier or content with life. In many cases it just triggers increased busyness and rat race.

What we want is that you can find you point of enough, that sweet spot where you are comfortable and have enough peace of mind, good nutritious food and achieve enough in business.

It is time to address your busyness. We should deal with our daily routine that reminds more of a rat race. We need to cope with mounting stress with effective stress management tools and self-understanding. Our goal isn’t happiness per se, but being content with life. This is peace of mind.

We see it as a journey of self-exploration. We need to increase our self-awareness in order to achieve a lasting peace of mind.

Inner peace is possible by means of mindfulness meditation to address one’s stress, but also healthy nutrition and purposeful, value-based living. This is when the word ‘enough’ will change its meaning into abundance, happiness and peace of mind.

Peace of Mind School is a growing resource full of tools, courses, books and helpful products to get you lessen your stress levels, sleep better, eat healthier, be more resilient and emotionally stable. See more at our Library.

With our exclusive MAKE framework, Peace of Mind School becomes your personal development toolkit, which offers you to re-discover your strengths and values, be better at relationships with others and be happy just being yourself, just enjoying your inner peace.

We hope you will find here many ways how to be happier and content with life. This holistic way of living is a natural anxiety relief as well. It enables you to cope with stress and achieve your own natural calm. Contentment is a bit healthier way of looking at life rather than sheer happiness. When you are enough and you have enough, you are content and can enjoy life.

This is our goal at Peace of Mind School – to help you be better off in your lives. Imagine being more of a friend with your own self, but also by forming harmonious relationships and engaging in meaningful business or work.

So why the dark clouds you may ask? Contentment allows you to see that even if there could be dark clouds, there is still a wonderfully blue sky just behind them.

Our courses will help to transform you from a state of ‘sick and tired of…’ to feeling comfortable, satisfied, competent and complete with plenty resources to enjoy your life right here and right now. We hope to see you there and to help your achieve your goals.


Our team is on the mission of transforming personal hurts into healing for others. 

Let’s hear from our editor-in-chief:

First of all, I must confess, I feel like quite an average human. It is not a criticism. It is just that I have made some very typical mistakes and struggled with a few very common issues.

It has been a childhood full of anxiety for me. I was neurotic, full of stress and negativity. Only just over 5 years ago I could name it for what it was and started dealing with it. I am still on the journey to significantly lessen my anxiety levels.

It hasn’t been easy to manage my weight. I always wanted to be much slimmer. Countless diets and strenuous gym sessions were only marginally helpful and definitely not sustainable in the long term. My diets were also mindless and I have consumed a lot of meat, unhealthy snacks and fast foods.

It also has been a very difficult and incredibly busy time working for big digital businesses. I know stress firsthand and how it gets you very quickly into a rat race. The latter feeds your inner greed, so this scenario ultimately can never stop. You always want something better, bigger and more expensive. It also so happened that my greed and insatiability eventually burst into a full-blown crisis.

Stress can easily turn into a mild depression or something even more severe than that. I knew I did not want to go down that route, but I also did not have any solutions to it either. Those creeping feelings that I am not good enough were very familiar to me. They are so not productive and even damaging in many ways.

Yet all these personal hurts and traumas eventually resulted in a profound feeling: enough is enough.

Why couldn’t I see that I really had enough of everything already? That my life was already very fulfilled? That I really did not need anything more to add to it?

The rat race is characterized by insatiability. We always want more. We are never satisfied. It’s never enough.

Happiness, on the other hand, is possible when you are satisfied with the present moment. I wish I could see that earlier on. That was the reason I wasn’t happy before.

Yet now, my continuous meditation practice has opened the doors to a better nutrition and meaning in business. I can feel my inner peace increasing day by day. It is a wonderful feeling and it does make me feel happier.

What I’ve learned is that being more peaceful inside allows you to be more kind to yourself. You simply start taking better care of yourself. You start thinking about dealing with your stress. You contemplate eating foods that are healthy for you. Preventive nutrition allows you to be better off in terms of physical health. Now I can easily make much better choices for myself. This inner feeling of contentment, abundance and plenty has opened doors to a sense of enough.

In a way, you transform your feeling of I’ve had enough from a very negative sense of it to a very contented, positive and satisfied state.

Dostoevski once said, “There is only one thing that I dread: not to be worthy of my sufferings.”

Peace of Mind course and its exclusive MAKE framework are designed for your personal transformation that I want to happen to everyone of you.’

Peace of Mind School offers a course of contemplation, but also a very effective MAKE framework to help you empower your business, entrepreneurial spirit, body and mind.

This transformation is not easy because it assumes that you should take a deeper look into who you are and what drives you. It prompts you to contemplate about your intrinsic values. With the knowledge and acceptance you become mindful about how to live your life to the fullest. An on your own terms.

Our Editor was honest about his personal hurts. What are yours?

What does keep you awake at night?

What exactly makes you feel stressed?

Do the first step, even before you have started our course, simply note all of this.

Would you like to live more peacefully and have harmonious relationships with others? Would it be nice to escape from this busyness, rat race and a feeling that something or someone are never enough?

If you have also felt that you had enough, we invite you on the journey to find more about yourself and live by your own values. 

Your intrinsic values will light the way to a healthier and happier lifestyle. This is where enough will mean happiness, better health, more contentment with life and mindful consumption without major stress or feeling of lacking something. There is where you regain your life’s joy, take pleasure from simple but nutritious foods that nurture your body and mind and enjoy a relaxing company of your friends and family.

Good luck and please do get in touch!

We are looking forward to hear from you after you finish our Peace of Mind course or simply read a few of our helpful articles in the Library.

Empower your entrepreneurship, business, body and mind.

Use our MAKE framework and a helpful course to create your own ‘Enough Peace of Mind’ Plan.

Peace of Mind School Mission


We are on the mission to help busy and stressed out entrepreneurs and business people to live with less stress, more joy and health and with a profound sense of enough.

What’s more is that we have suffered almost all of these traumas ourselves too – you’re definitely not alone.

But we want to be worthy of our sufferings:

  • It is not pleasant to be neurotic, full of stress and negativity
  • It is harmful to eat meat and kill other for food
  • It is mindless to consume like it’s never enough and be extremely greedy in business

We want you to know that you are enough, you are definitely good enough!

What do we all need to feel that way?

  • tools for more inner peace and how to de-stress, be it my means of meditation or a few more;
  • knowledge about preventive nutrition effective ways how to change in our relationship with food, so we can reverse lifestyle diseases;
  • understanding of your own point of enough, both personally and in business.

Why are we talking about a peace of mind?

You may wonder, “so what”? Everyone’s stressed out when in business or working as a senior manager…

When you are stressed out you can’t focus or pay attention to what matters most. This poses a huge problem for entrepreneurs as they lose a focal point where to pay attention.

What could be even more important is that many entrepreneurs start to hate what they are doing. Prolonged exposure to stress changes neural pathways and entrepreneurial journey starts to feel like an impossible climb.

Peace of mind is important for a business person or an entrepreneur. Increased emotional stability enables to make better decisions and respond to every day business challenges more effectively.

On top of that, peace of mind allows entrepreneurs and top managers to escape rat race and extreme busyness. It is not just creating a better business impact, but allows to treat your mind and body better. 

All and all, peace of mind fuels your entrepreneurial enthusiasm. You can get enough mental and physical capacity to achieve your business goals. And enjoy your life whilst doing it.

Nobody can actually teach you entrepreneurship or make you calmer or change your eating habits. The only one person who is capable to do all these things is you. You can change your relationship with food. You can change your attitude towards yourself and others, simply by being more kind and attentive. You can also focus on something that is most important for you in business. You can’t do everything, but you can focus on excelling at a few things.

Yet sometimes those personal and business goals are not enough….

The bigger picture or own Why

What do we strive for?

We believe that if there would be many people who share our values and beliefs, the world would be a better place. It is all going to be bigger than ourselves – it is going to be a world worth living in.

Here is a snapshot of our picture of the world:

  • Big Food is a niche business, the real power is within local communities, markets, fair trade and organic produce.
  • Big Pharma is working for us, people, and its power and influenced is managed so the goals are aligned to people’s interests.
  • Big industries reduce the amount of plastic, the real cost of production includes environmental and health costs. Most of hazardous industries that are profitable at our expense are closed and tightly regulated.
  • Fast food and cheap ready meals are a niche business.
  • People of Earth are fed. Basically supply of of food and water for all.
  • Peaceful planet and nations. No wars.
  • Considerable reduction in inequality and discrimination.
  • Decreased levels of mental health illnesses. Better communities.
  • People are pr-actively against the acts of violence and demand their governments not to enter armed conflicts or wars.

Many people like Gandhi led the non-violent protests against wars and oppression.

Everyone can contribute to the better world scenario and do it easily right now: simply start boycotting meat, dairy industry and start eating wholesome, non-processed and unrefined food.

People also should demand that governments change the taxes and subsidies for meat industry and spend more on quality whole foods to feed everyone rather than on military.

These are all big causes and we are also on the journey to better our world, for us and for future generations.

Empower your entrepreneurship, business, body and mind.