We’ve launched our Peace of Mind Course in a book format. So now you can enjoy all our 6 lessons and self-discovery exercises in your Kindle device or app.

Available on Amazon USA, Amazon UK and other local Amazon stores.

When buying this coursebook, you are also getting a full 1-year support from our tutors and access to our Facebook community. You can ask questions or request further help and support.

Investing a small amount of money into your personal and professional development is going to bring vast returns, both in physical and emotional health, but also being more confident, resilient and able to cope with entrepreneurial challenges better.

We see many of our students being able to make better decisions when they apply these very easy and straightforward techniques.

As with the online course on this website, we have included a very useful Bonus: Preventive Nutrition. We understand that your body needs same attention as your mind. Our recommendations helped dozens and hundreds of people to reverse lifestyle-related diseases and feel more energized. This is wellbeing in a pure form.

Finally, we need to note that it is a very self-reflective course, so take some time during your day and do some great work with our coursebook.


Peace of Mind Course Book: Learn How To Fight Excessive Stress And Busyness

  • Do you want less stress and more energy in your life and business?
  • Tired of your ‘I’m never enough’ feelings?
  • Want to live healthily but without strenuous diets?

Peace of Mind School helps entrepreneurs to get enough peace of mind, overcome extreme busyness and stress.

This book is a copy of our online course. 


When you are stressed out, you can’t focus or pay attention to what matters most. Yet almost all successful people know where exactly to pay attention and how to do it day by day. You can master this skill.

  • When you are stressed out for a long time, you start hating what you are doing. 
  • Prolonged exposure to stress changes neural pathways. 
  • Your business or career path starts to feel like an impossible climb. 
  • When you bring your stress from work back to your home, it negatively impacts on your relationships. 
  • You start eating junk foods or overdo on alcohol.

With Peace of Mind Course you can:

  • Reclaim Your Feeling of Enough.
  • So You Can Feel The Spacious Inner Peace &
  • Treat Your Mind and Body Better &
  • Enjoy Your Life!

Imagine you can live with less stress!

  • You can reverse many lifestyle-related diseases and get healthier. 
  • You can find plenty of inner peace and joy in your life, business and relationships.

We at Peace of Mind School invite you on a journey of self-discovery to lessen your stress levels. 

You will start living a healthier life and achieve so much more in business or work.

Empower your entrepreneurship, business, body and mind. 

Create your own ‘Enough Peace of Mind’ Plan with our course today.

Available on Amazon USA, Amazon UK and other local Amazon stores.