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Imagine, you can live, work and run your business with less stress.
You can live happier, form more harmonious relationships
and take care of your health better.
You can do it without ‘needing’ much at all.

Hint: no magic pills, no hypnosis or strenuous diets. Just one simple and affordable online course

Our course will help you to achieve a lasting peace of mind,
so you can be full of joy, health and abundance.

Just a few more details about Peace of Mind course:

  • It is not about drugs or pills. In fact, drugs can make you happier, but you don’t change yourself. After using, if you were a moron, you remain being one.
  • It is not medication either. This course urges you to tend to causes rather than to temporarily treat the symptoms.
  • It’s not hypnotherapy, you are not going to re-program yourself. It is about digging into your inner values, re-discovering and living by them.
  • It is almost like giving your mind and emotions a well-deserved rest, a relaxing massage or a bath, only better as the effects stay with you for longer. Actually, much longer when you practice what’s offered in this course on a daily basis.

This course offers a transformation
that requires students to learn the following skills:

  • How to be kind to yourself and others
  • How to treat your body and mind better by means of preventive nutrition. Even if it means 10 minute meals on the budget, but using plant-based healthy regime.
  • The point of enough for yourself and your business. So you can be content with your life and have meaning in business.

Study at your own pace, access Peace of Mind Course for just $19 a year. This includes all lessons and support.

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Just $19 For Year-Round Access & Tutor Support

You will transform your life with these three skills:

  • You will learn how to be more relaxed, calm and lessen your stress. You will start seeing profound results (read, more peaceful you) in just 21 days or less. Our simple exercises could be mastered by anyone and regular daily practice will enhance your emotional stability day by day. You are worth 20-30 minutes of your time!
  • You will stop dieting but instead adopt a nutritional framework that will allow you to reach and maintain your ideal weight without calorie counting. Preventive nutrition mini-course is included here for every entrepreneur to be healthy and feel good energy inside.
  • You will learn about so-called Point of ‘Enough’. You will learn how to escape a rat race once and for all. Peace of mind for yourself, business and relationships just in one short course of 6 parts.

Invest $19 In Your Peace of Mind Today

6 Easy Lessons & Continuous Guidance And Support For Year Included!

We’ve created this course because you can regain your life’s joy.

Imagine you are less stressed out and more inspired to do things that matter?

You will enjoy life and make it better for others too!


It is a course of contemplation and reflection. It facilitates your transformation, a journey to your own inner peace, health and lifestyle of abundance. In a way, it is about setting up your own retreat – you will know yourself better and be able to focus on things that matter.

At the end of this course you would develop a system for your peace of mind and have tools at your disposal to use in your life to lessen your stress, combat busyness, eat better, be more emotionally stable and find meaning in your business or work.

This self-development course enables you to find your own point of enough where you feel at ease, content and with inner peace.

It is not just about the information. Certainly, you can find bits of it on the internet. This course is a program, a logical flow how you can adopt these tools for yourself and make a lasting change.

We have developed a unique MAKE framework that is fully described in our helpful course, so you can use it to create your own ‘Enough Peace of Mind’ Plan.

Empower your entrepreneurship, business, body and mind. Sign up today!