Introduction to Peace of Mind Course

Imagine, you can live, work and run your business with less stress. You can live happier, form more harmonious relationships
and take care of your health better. 
You can do it without ‘needing’ much at all.

It is a course of contemplation and reflection. It facilitates your transformation, a journey to your own inner peace, health and lifestyle of abundance. In a way, it is about setting up your own retreat – you will know yourself better and be able to focus on things that matter.

At the end of this course you would develop a system for your peace of mind and have tools at your disposal to use in your life to lessen your stress, combat busyness, eat better, be more emotionally stable and find meaning in your business or work.

This self-development course enables you to find your own point of enough where you feel at ease, content and with inner peace. This course is a program, a logical flow how you can adopt these tools for yourself and make a lasting change.

We have developed a unique MAKE framework that is fully described in our helpful course, so you can use it to create your own ‘Enough Peace of Mind’ Plan.

This course is not about minimalism. You do not need to bite the teeth just to sustain the diet or to control the anger. Values make these learnings easy to sustain.

At the end of Peace of Mind Course you will:

  1. 1Be kind to yourself by meditating and gaining more emotional stability, less reactivity to stress factors and profound inner peace. You will apply preventive nutrition concept to switch to a plant-based lifestyle without strain.
  2. 2Be kind to others by upholding a very simple but profound universal truth of non-harming others. Neither physically, emotionally or verbally. You will form better relationships and join communities you are happy to belong in. 
  3. 3Find and re-connect to your intrinsic values. You will form your unique peace of mind system of people, things and activities that matter to you most. 

This course will transform you from a state of ‘never enough’ to feeling satisfied, competent and complete with plenty of resources to enjoy your life right here and right now.

What can you expect at the end of this course:

  1. You will learn to listen to yourself and achieve lasting peace of mind in just 21 days or less. Our simple meditation instructions could be mastered by anyone and regular daily practice will enhance your emotional stability day by day. You’re worth 20-30 minutes of your time!
  2. You will stop dieting but instead adopt a nutritional framework that will allow you to reach and maintain your ideal weight without calorie counting. All this is available in our free add-on to this course.
  3. You will learn about the so-called Point of Enough. This will help you to escape a rat race once and for all. Just in one short course.  

You are here now because you can regain your life’s joy.

Imagine you are less stressed out and more inspired to do things that matter?

You will enjoy life and make it better for others too!

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