Under stress is understood as the reaction of the body to any environmental factors that threaten to disrupt its well-being and familiar comfortable state. This situation causes a natural physiological response: the organs of internal secretion (primarily the adrenal glands) and the immune system produce hormones and other biologically active substances that bring the body into a state of tonus so that it protects itself from an external threat. Thanks to such a reaction, a person can adapt to a change in environmental conditions, whether it is the onset of cold weather, a busy period at work, a change of residence or another set of circumstances that destroys the usual order of things.

Prolonged stress leads to problems with mood and disruption of habitual behavior:



  • for no particular reason gloomy thoughts, anxiety, fear of the future prevail;
  • apathy is rolling, interest in many previously important areas of life is being lost;
  • irritability appears even on trifles;
  • there is constant drowsiness, but at the same time – the inability to quickly fall asleep and sleep soundly;
  • constant fatigue is felt;
  • working capacity and ability to focus are reduced;
  • memory and thought processes are deteriorating.

Bear in mind that all stress relief remedies mentioned in this text are the most effective when combined with stress management techniques, like Diaphragmatic Breathing, or Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

Natural stress relief with dietary supplements and vitamins

Nutrition and nutritional supplements can be one way to help you recover from stress. Many nutritional supplements, vitamins, nutrients help your body cope with stress at the level of hormones and enzymes.

Reduce Stress Naturally With Magnesium

Magnesium is extremely important for the optimal functioning of the nervous system. This element is not only important for the brain but also for the effective transmission of stimuli to and from the muscular system. Chronic Mg deficiency usually results in hyperexcitability, both in neural and neuromuscular tissues. Simply put, an organism that lacks Mg is easily aroused. Numerous studies have proven the link between stress, psychiatric disorders, and Magnesium (Galland, 2000).

You can ingest this element in numerous forms: tablets, powder, juice, etc., so the choice is yours. Keeping your Mg levels high enough is perhaps one of the easiest stress remedies. If you want to keep it natural, you can eat a lot of green leafy vegetables, bananas, avocados, seeds and nuts, broccoli, cabbage, peas, etc. All these foods contain high Mg, and you’ll be able to relieve your stress with their help. Learn more about extensive magnesium benefits here. Find high quality magnesium supplements in our Shop.

CBD Oil From Herbs to Reduce Stress

CBD oil or cannabidiol oil is a natural product made from raw cannabis (or marijuana) plant. Note that CBD oil doesn’t have any psychoactive properties. It won’t make you “high”, and you won’t fail your drug test, as this kind of oil doesn’t contain THC.

Cannabidiol oil is continuously proving its beneficial effects. Reducing anxiety, paranoia, and other distressing symptoms are just some of the many beneficial effects of CBD oil. In a recent case study, cannabidiol oil has once again proven its stress-relieving capabilities. Shannon, and Opila-Lehman, a psychiatrist and a physician, successfully treated a young girl who was suffering from PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder). PTSD is perhaps the most severe stress disorder described in the newest version of the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). Its treatment is an extremely lengthy and arduous process. People who suffer from this affliction sometimes never fully recover. This is why the case study undertaken by Shannon and Opila-Lehman is important. It showed that CBD can eliminate symptoms such as anxiety and insomnia.

In most countries, CBD oil (with no THC) is completely legal and can be purchased without any prescription.

Complexes with motherwort, magnesium, folic acid, and other useful ingredients help to forget about unmotivated anxiety and look at life with optimism. The correct cycle “sleep-wakefulness” is being established: in the evening there will be no difficulties with falling asleep, and in the afternoon there is no feeling of weakness and disability. Improving memory and attention, easier mental work.

Best herbs to reduce stress

Medications for calming nerves act on the body in a complex way. Their functions are responsible for:

  • muscle relaxation;
  • cramping;
  • pressure regulation;
  • headache relief;
  • restful sleep;
  • A lack of feelings of anxiety and apathy.

Decoctions of herbs help fight the depressive state, they relax the whole body.

What herbs are beneficial for organic stress relief


In case of slight stress or a short panic, make tea and add dried chamomile, which is sold in any pharmacy. You can also make an infusion of chamomile, but its pure taste is not very pleasant. It’s all about the substances contained in the flowers: they have a calming effect on the receptors of the brain, acting like some psychotropic drugs, but with less effect. As scientists have shown, if you take chamomile for several weeks, you can quite calm the psyche, and the effect will last at least another week after cancellation.


It is known that lavender, in addition to its calming effect, also has anti-inflammatory effects. In some US clinics, you can often smell the scent of lavender in the dentist’s office – as doctors say, this smell helps people relax and get less nervous at the appointment. Therefore, if you have a serious and exciting event ahead, have an aromatherapy session using lavender oil. Some people even believe that lavender is a great substitute for stronger pharmacy drugs.


The main properties of valerian are that it inhibits increased nervous excitement and has a relaxing effect. Also, the root of the plant normalizes the work of the heart muscle, stabilizes the digestive processes, stimulates the outflow of bile. Valerian relieves spasms and cramps, dilates blood vessels, accelerates blood microcirculation.

Herbs for the nervous system contain beneficial substances and trace elements necessary for the body. Valerian and other medicinal herbs of the phyto-collection have a mild sedative and hypotensive effect, help reduce stress and anxiety, and can be used as an adjuvant for insomnia.

Home Remedies For Stress

Sports to relieve stress

This is perhaps the most time-demanding stress remedy on our list. Taking Magnesium or CBD doesn’t require any hard work from you. Exercise, on the other hand, will test your endurance, physical as well as psychological. Plus you can literally remove stress yourself.

Quite long ago, researchers in the field of Psychology of Sport found the stress-reducing properties of exercise. Physical activities like swimming, yoga, fencing, and exercise have stress-reducing effects and enhance mood. In other words, not only will you attenuate (and possibly eliminate) stress, but you’ll also feel much better. For instance, Berger and Owen showed that swimming, besides relieving tension and anxiety, also enhanced participants’ ability to focus.

Participants who practiced yoga reported less anxiety, depression, hostility, and fatigue. Needless to say, you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to reap the benefits of exercise. Anybody who exercises at least a few hours per week can feel all the benefits of physical activity. Also, you don’t have to have one strict routine that’s static and boring.

Having a warm cup of tea

This one might seem a bit odd, but some studies prove the soothing effects of a cup of tea. Although researchers are unequivocal when it comes to this aspect, the debate becomes more ambiguous and uncertain when it comes to the exact source of tea’s stress-reducing capacities. Some scientists state that tea doesn’t have any stress-reducing properties per se, which they ascribe to a well-known placebo effect. According to a similar viewpoint, it is not the beverage on its own that reduces stress, but the whole ritual that involves tea preparation.

However, a study undertaken in 2006 by the University College London proved that tea “works” better than a drink with the same amount of caffeine. This experiment ostensibly showed that tea has some chemicals that relive the most conspicuous symptoms of stress.

In the introduction, we’ve touched upon the subject of the combination of various stress remedies and stress management technique. In other words, an all-encompassing, holistic approach is necessary. You cannot simply take your daily dose of Magnesium and expect to feel better all of a sudden. But, adding Magnesium to your wider stress-management strategy is a good way to enhance and affirm all the improvements you’ve made previously.

On the other hand, some stress remedies can act as “triggers”, in a way that they initiate the elimination of stress. People who are chronically stressed out (especially due to overwork), often neglect all the other important aspects of life, including exercise. So, increasing your physical activity can give you more energy to face everyday hassles on the one hand, and relax you on the other.